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Professional Massage

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Massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your health care regimen. At THRIVE, we believe that massage therapy is a vital element in treating the body holistically. Whether you are getting massage as a way to pamper, rejuvenate or for therapeutic purposes, massage has many benefits. Massage has been known to decrease anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, increase energy, improved concentration, increased circulation and reduced fatigue. Therapeutic touch sends specific physiological and chemical changes cascading throughout the body with profound effects. Another benefit is the emotional balance bodywork provides that can be just as vital and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits.

At THRIVE, we individually tailor each massage therapy session to address your unique condition and need. We utilize the latest in technology with superior bodywork technique to achieve the highest quality massage therapy possible.

Why guess about your health when you can be certain. We are the only clinic in Marin using state of the art Myovision surface scans to direct your massage care with certainty.

This is a level of service not offered in any spa or health club, and is unique to our practice. Our practice members appreciate this special attention to individual care that this massage service provides. This technology allows our practice members to get the most out of their massage and see the results on their printed report.

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Chiropractor Corte Madera
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Address: 1 Serra St.
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